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Making the scene

“Making the scene ” by Julien Noel


Hi everybody
This tutorial is aimed to 3dsmax users but advices gived can be apllied in most 3d packages. First I will show some modeling details and then I will explain the texturing process, and to finish I will say few words about lightning. This tutorial requires some basic knowledge about material editor and UVW modifier.


Generally in my scenes I work especially on the mood, my goal wasn’t to get a photorealistic effect but something a bit romantic and glamourous.
Here is my main reference image.

Modeling in this scene is quite simple excpet the vespa. All objects are simple primitives modified.
The walls are boxes and planes that I extruded and edited. Details likes cracks are obtained by cutting edges.
The ground is a plaine extruded using Shift key while draggin edges.
The cables are renderable splines, rocks are geosphere with noise modifier and I found the vespa on the net and I retexured it.


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