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Making of Willpower

Making of "Willpower" by John Strieder “A girl, threatened – and then something unexpected happens …” I’ always found the thought of someone faint and helpless, being suddenly able to fight against the worst of dangers, very appealing. This is point where everything changes, where the lost decide to elude their fate. In my image is a brave young girl who is in a situation she would never believe she’d come into, and then something happens that nobody would ever expect! recommendation: To maximise the realism of your 3D rendering we recommend using high quality photo textures from the #1 texture website Gun I started with modeling the gun. As I have no clue about guns, I started a search over the Web to fi nd a gun that has a form and shape that I like and fi t my intended look. Finally, I found the Beretta Target, which is a cool-looking gun and in a forum for Beretta enthusiasts I found some good photo-references for my work. Th e gun is modeled poly-by-poly without weights, intersections or booleans. Iso-View of the Beretta-Model Glove To unify the gun with the hand and to separate them more from the girl, I decided to put the hand into a glove. I used the mesh for the hand, made some changes and did everything else in ZBrush using the brushes and the Projection Master. ZBrush can sculpt and paint at the same time so I was able to make masks for materials blending and sculpt at the same time (the stitches for example). Messy basemesh for the glove … … finished sculpting Finally, I painted a dirty texture with help of Cavity Mask and Blur Mask.

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