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Making of mountain

"Making of mountain" by Luis Ramos
In this tutorial, I’ll try to explain some simple techniques that I used in this work. So this is not a step-by-step tutorial, it’s just an overview about some tips that you can use in your works.
I used Vue 5 Infinite for modeling and textures, and Photoshop CS 2 for some adjustments.
I always liked natural landscapes, and for that reason I started using Vue software, because you can make any landscape that you can imagine. You can choose images to help you, like this one:

or you can use some references from
Modeling and texturing
In Vue 5 Infinite program, I started a new project with Copenhaguen environment:

Then I created a Standard Terrain, and used the effect tool (using Fluvial Erosion, Stones and Grit effects, but you can use whatever you want) to make some definition. To finalize the terrain, I doubled the resolution, clicking on the x2 bottom.This is how my terrain looks like:

The material of the terrain is the same of the ground, to make a uniform looking. The type is a mixed material using Spring Forest material and Ancient City Ruins, on the EcoSystem tab material. You can mix some materials you liked, it’s very easy and fun.


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