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Making of Classical Girl

“Making of Classical Girl ” by Shiyong Wang recommendation:

To maximise the realism of your 3D rendering we recommend using high quality human photo textures from the #1 texture website
This model cost me a long time. I try my best to make it perfectly, so sometimes I change the superciliary arches prominent, sometimes I choose to have the eye lids inward or outward ,sometimes I have to check the cheek bone to make it proper. and sometimes I have to better the musculus orbicularis oris shape ,the nose shape, and so on . I always make best efforts to make the structure clear ,and challenge my limits to making the oriental beauty. Then make a good balance between the structure and the appearance. With the processing going on, I find many things must be discarded. If you make it to be a muscle beauty, maybe it is not beautiful, or the beauty is not unpretentious oriental beauty that what I want to express
I have made models for years, and spend much time in drawing as well. Therefore, I have the most confidence in the structure. I realized that to make a muscle man or woman is not too difficult, but if you want to express a kind of feeling not to show a kind of skill ,you have to consider so much else. I know in this part I still have so much to improve, but I will try my best.
I am glad share with you the difficulties and the feelings arising during the making process, if this Making of can give you some help, I will be very joyful.
Welcome your e-mails to discuss every aspects of CG, and I hope I can grow with you on the road of making CG together.
The process of beauty -making
The first step, making out the outline Do not consider the five specific organs .the most important is grasping the roles’ features, such as the face shape, the shapes of five organs.

Tip 1 : For example, when we enjoy a picture drawn by a great muster from distance, we also can be attracted though we can not see the details. The nearer we close to it , the more details we can see., then the picture be more attractive. So is model-making. The model should be thought good even it seen from distance. . Do not pay much attention to the details at first; the most important is considering it as a whole, and then add the details during the process. What the outline is and how to grasp the outline may be two key points. You can imagine that, you can recognize your friends from distance that moment you meet him far away, although you can not see his appearance clearly. In a similar way, you can imagine your model covered by a cloth. That is my way .If you do like that, you can save two thirds or more time to finish a model. Because most of people think more about the details at first, without considering the outline of the model, they would get lost by the process proceeding, as the lines will become more and more and it is hard to better it.
Tip 2: We can not ignore the wiring when come to the making model. In the beginning, we would spend much time in wiring. In order to reserve more time to molding, we should find an our own way which can finish wiring most rapidly, not just finish wiring at random, so that we can save a lot of time .My way is writing down the time of your every wiring, the tool you used and their order.
Step 2 the modifying and in-depth wiring
The focus here is wiring reasonably.

Tips: Put your design aside, or scanning on the computer and you use ACDSEE to open it when you want a reference. we should not import pictures dimensional software to”descripte” a model, unless you have to do an industrial model be exactly like, or else such a description is of little benefit for fostering the ability to grasping the form. From the first day, I insist on form the ability to grasp the form, then when i do mechanical model, I also insisted on that. Finally, import the picture into MAYA, I found no errors here. It built firm confidence in me. I hope you will persist in doing like that. It very benefits you. If you do not rest assured that, you will import the pictures into three-dimensional software and check it after you finished the model.

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