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How to draw basic details

Hellobaby |

A person who loves drawing (since she was 3 years old). Her unique style of traditional anime drawings have made her artwork instantly recognisable. Favourite tools: Colour and mechanical pencil.

Some people ask me how to draw details, so here’s my basic details tutorial. You can create more details base on my basic tutorial.


Step 1

I want you to easy to imagine how I usually draw details on clothes so I draw one small piece of clothes here to explain it 🙂


Step 2

Okie, so let start with something simple first. You need to draw 3 stripes (that was the most easy and interesting details which I love and usually use it in my details)^__^


Step 3

Trying to draw more stripes over on old stripes.


Step 4

Choose colors which you want to color your pattern. I choose those bright colors so my pattern will look more fresh 😀


Step 5

Color your stripes with different and repeat colors.

Hellobaby-How-to-draw-basic-detailsWith some part more than 3 stripes, you just simply repeat color again

Step 6

Add more details on it if you like. Remember lines are always best :D. As this one, I just need add more basic lines on green parts.


Step 7

Still want more details?

Add more lines and any little things you like. They are works quite good for your pattern. As this pattern, I add more quite thread on orange parts and some fun green over them 😀


Step 8

I add more red dots under fun green lines 😀 (if you want to ^__^, it’s not important)


Step 9

If you love to have more details, just simply draw more over so your pattern will full of details ^__^.

Have fun

Hellobaby-How-to-draw-basic-detailsThis is just basic details but, you can create more from it ^__^


Tips:  You can design any details for your works, just simply draw any simple details and after that you try to create them more, add more lines and dot, draw them over each other so your pattern will rich of details ^__^

Thanks for reading

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