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Hand – quick tutorial (drawing)

Hellobaby |

A person who loves drawing (since she was 3 years old). Her unique style of traditional anime drawings have made her artwork instantly recognisable. Favourite tools: Colour and mechanical pencil.

Last week, someone asked me to make a hand tutorial. I promised with her and now it is. In my next tutorial I will also include hand & foot tutorials. Have a nice day. Thanks all for ur amazing supporting.


Step 1
Draw a basic trapezium shape (with a bit curve)


Step 2
Draw 5 simple lines


Step 3
Now you add some curve lines & you can see the hand shape now :). You just need to erase guidelines and you get what you need ^^


Step 4
If you want another perspective just simply change the trapezium size or to whatever you want it looks.


Step 5
With another shape, simply follow all steps above with similiar guidlines ^3^


To get texture of human body, we recommend visiting human-anatomy-for-artist site.

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