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DDO – Maya Texturing Workflow

Collin Bishop | Free3Dee

A group of artists, focused on various 2D and 3D software, currently focused on creating their own video game called Manowar (set in 1830, a factually based game where you take on the role of a smuggler living through real events which took place during this time). You can reach Collin at:

In this tutorial I quickly texture a rifle from start to finish in about 20 minutes time. I go over the different tools I use to accomplish this and the steps involved. There are numerous applications in the provess but jumping around I am trying to have te fewest clicks at the fastest possible speed. I hope you enjoy the workflow and check out our other vids.
Project Files:


If you are experiencing issues with playback, you can download the video here (~91MB).

To get real weapon textures or photos, we recommend visiting site.

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