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Dagger modelling

“Dagger modelling ” by Gavin Watson
Hello everyone
In this tutorial I will be attempting to recreate a dagger from reference. I am going to be modeling, texturing and rendering, using this reference photo. I will try and explain all the tools I use and their short cuts, except for the basics like how to create primitives .etc recommendation:

To maximise the realism of your models and textures we recommend using high quality photo textures from the #1 texture website

I will be modeling the base in silo 1.4.So lets begin first create a cube then delete all the sides except the back one. Now go to the materials tab, browse for texture, make sure it’s squared for accuracy and apply to selection.
Now create another plane as we did before and apply a different material. Go to display and change to “ghost with wire frame” so we can see the reference photo on the first plane. Now we going to split the second plane in two by selecting the top and bottom edge and pressing “x” .delete the one side

Switch to your front view and start cutting out the basic shape of the dagger, using the “split tool”(alt + x). Keep it simple {think in quads!)
When you finished delete what you don’t need


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