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Cobra prince

“Cobra prince” by Philip Herman
Hi all, My name is Philip Herman. I want to share my knowledge of how I created my image, “The Cobra Prince”. The programs that I have used are 3DS Max, and Vray for rendering.
There are a lot of ways to model, but for me when I saw a modeling tutorial on how to model Joan of Arc (great tutorial from Michel Roger), the style that I use isn’t so different (using patch modeling).
For the cloth I utilize the 3dmax cloth simulation to achieve a more most realistic result.

After I finish all the modeling, and with the figure being in a default type of pose, I chose to manually model him into my chosen pose instead of using a character rig to do so.

I used a software called Deep UV and Texporter to help me unwrap it. With Deep UV I modified the UVs in space to create the UV layout that allows easy texture painting, both in 2D and 3D. And I use Photoshop CS2 for texturing.
Resource photos for my textures is from :

This is a sample of my texture

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