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Cinema 4D – Biped Rigging part 2/2

Collin Bishop|Free3Dee

A group of artists, focused on various 2D and 3D software, currently focused on creating their own video game called Manowar (set in 1830, a factually based game where you take on the role of a smuggler living through real events which took place during this time). You can reach Colin at:

This is the complimentary video to the first one. It shows you how to mirror the joints and bind the mesh and eyes to the joints. It also goes over weighting in a singular mode and how to symmetrically weight your character if it is indeed symmetrical. Lastly I show you how to nest your controllers in a Master Controller and apply colors to the splines for easy viewing in the viewport. My next video will be a full blown facial rig inside C4D showing how to also create visemes and FACS poses for full articulation. Should be fun....

If you are experiencing issues with playback, you can download the video here (~74MB).

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