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"Box modeling for beginners " by Magic Wand recommendation:

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Hi friends,
Today we are going to try our hands on that incredible Modeling Technique in 3ds Max, “The Box Modeling” we'll be creating a simple SUV model from a Box
Before that I assume that you are having that basic idea in Max.

We'll start our things by placing a box in the viewport with these dimensions 90,50,50 and for the segments, we'll go for 6,6,6

After that we'll convert our Box into an Editable Polygon(Right click>convert to>Editable poly)

Then select the polygon sublevel and select the Polygons shown in the picture, we are going to make the front area of our SUV

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  1. Could you please make a tutorial on how to do the axles and animate the suv.

  2. Could you please make a tutorial on how to do the axles and animate the suv.

  3. Bonhomme /

    I dont know if you still check the comments, but can you tell me how you made the tyres using the extruded ngon and the chamfer cylinder? I have no idea as to what happened there

  4. segmentaion /

    Segmentaion lines does not appear and i can not select faces to make extrude
    i use 3D Max 2011

  5. How do you get the grids onto your starting box?

  6. sithuhlaing /

    nice tutorial . let me share !!

  7. ANDRES1993 /

    hello i really need this tutorial is great but i can’t do the shape of the wheel would you mind sending me the full tutorial or help me please. thank you very much

  8. Emmanuel /

    nice work! Please can ANIM8OR work with these tutorials?

  9. B0$$ /

    Thanks! but my 3D creator software is ANIM8OR and I just downloaded it, do You think this tutorial can be usable for my software?and by the way can I get 3D max free?

  10. irshad /

    hy it s realy nice. thank you

  11. plzz send full tut… plzzz

  12. I think i got a great oppertuanity to join here. so i will learn the new things and improve my working through this wonderful website. thanks

  13. VooDoo /

    hey!i dont undrestand how you make the wheels arches in start of page 3…can you be more specific.thank you for the time

  14. that was cool 🙂 simple but effective. thanks for effort and time.

  15. ssb otaru Nigeria /

    i dont have a working 3dmax program yet, the 3d max8 i instaled on my pc has refuse to run on OS(vista) but i will try this technic in another 3d programme that i have(anim8or) and see how it work

  16. still got a problem with the website···

  17. admin /

    Hi Jade, whats your problem? Maybe you could be more specific (and a bit more polite). Then someone may be kind enough to help you 🙂

  18. What a shit tut, i got lost on the start on the second page!

  19. will /

    I have 3ds max 7 and dont really understand i just got max 7 so is there any chance you could explain this in more detail

  20. hey, there seems to be an issue with this tutorial, as if its missing a page inbetween page one and two, it just jumps a whole section.

  21. oooohhh! i was a problem with my final year project thank you

  22. Wouter /

    I´m really a beginner and just learning to understand how this programm works. I don´t understand how you how you managed to add another segment to an excisting editable poly like you did in the last picture from page 2 to create the difference in hight on the roof. I thougt you did it by cloning and spliting the segment behind to windows, but when I do this, and move it, I deform the whole car. Please explain.

  23. paloj /

    we are sorry, there was a small problem with this site which is now resolved.

  24. this is helpful but theres only one page!!!! -.- …………….. it repeats

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