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Autodesk Softimage – rsCreateBoundingVolume Tool


We are a group of riggers who are specialized in creating tools and rigs. RigStudio is the result of merging strengths of tree Character / Pileline TDs with long experience in the Computer Graphics field. We worked together at Bren Entertainment and in our professional career we have worked on various film and TV series projects 

This tool allows the creation of bounding volume objects through a selection. You can define if the new objects acquire the original transformations. You can create only one object with a multiple selection, or you can create one new object for each object in selection. It is also posible to create new objects with a subcomponent selection. With a polymesh subcomponent selection, you can create one new object for each subcomponent island.


If you are experiencing issues with playback, you can download the video here (~7MB).

To get more human photo references, we recommend visiting site.


For full instructions and example how to set up click here. 

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