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3D Motorcycle modeling – Confederate P120 Fighter

Russ Schwenkler |

Professional digital artist from USA. Specialized in realism-stylized graphics. Together with his son, they are avid motorsport, auto, motorcycle, timepiece and technology enthusiasts as well as artists.

A motorcycle 3D project coming together. This is going to be done mostly in AutoCAD and Inventor and will hopefully be very accurate. I have used AutoCAD + 3DS MAX for modeling, 3DS MAX + V-ray for rendering, and Photoshop for textures and post-work.

Step 1 
This is the beginning CAD layout. Done as usual, from photos. Props for the first motorhead to identify it.

3D Motorcycle modeling - Confederate P120 Fighter


Step 2 
Still working strictly in AutoCAD for now. Here’s a preview render from within AutoCAD, of the frame elements I’ve constructed so far. As many people guess this is a Confederate P120 Fighter motorcycle. It’s really quite radical. I honestly think it’s pretty unrealistic as far as function goes, but it’s “art” and a real challenge to model.

3D Motorcycle modeling - Confederate P120 Fighter


Step 3 
I got quite a bit done on the front end and rolling chassis. Still working and preview rendering in AutoCAD. I’ll migrate the solid Model to Autodesk Inventor for some more complex forms later on. I’m itching to get this into MAX and assign some realistic materials.

3D Motorcycle modeling - Confederate P120 Fighter


Step 4 
A bit more done. Though it doesn’t look like it would be, the swingarm was a real beeyotch. Getting all the points to coincide and clear the massive rear was a bit of a chore. So swingarm, hubs, rear rotor and caliper, and the clutch are new for now. Still working in AutoCAD. Not looking forward to the air-cooled V-twin much. That’s going to be the next big push.

3D Motorcycle modeling - Confederate P120 Fighter


Step 5 

OK – migrated to MAX. I’ll still need to go back and do some more AutoCAD modeling, but for now I’ve been working in MAX. New is the basic V-twin motor, the shock springs, a new rear brake caliper and lots and lots of hardware. Right now the motor and main frame spar intersect, but that will be fixed. Still lots of details to be added. Handlebars and controls, lots more hardware, chain, front brake caliper, and all the plumbing. I still need to do the other side of the frame and engine details as well. Probably (in terms of effort) about halfway done with the modeling.

3D Motorcycle modeling - Confederate P120 Fighter


Step 6 

Not much new modeling. I couldn’t resist adding some materials and testing out some reflections. Changed the tires – earlier ones were all wrong. Added the chain and a few small details. Lighting is not final. Oh, with everything having blurred reflections, this thing takes forever to render.

3D Motorcycle modeling - Confederate P120 Fighter


Step 7
Well, it’s done. I’ll still mess with this and do some studio renders. This looks “OK”, but I’m sure other variations will be better in regards to the metal looking well… more metallic.

3D Motorcycle modeling - Confederate P120 Fighter


You can check the final image in high-resolution here (1920 x 1080, 1Mb).

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