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Bone Structure / Curves / Approx Position of Bones / Big Toe Faces A Different Direction Than The Others! / Longest Toe is Usually Either Of These 2 / Bends / Bends / Toes Are Like Fingers - Big Toe Has 2 Joints (Like The Thumb) - The Rest Have 3 / Last Toe Curls Downward Sometimes / Use Toe Nail To Show Direction


Inside View

  1. Bottom Part of Leg
  2. Wedge - Like Shape
  3. Toes Arch Heel
  4. Curves Up a Bit / Dips In / Rounded
  5. Keep Them Curved
  6. RMB Curve For Ankle Bone / Comes Off Ground In The Middle

Outside View

3. Heel / Arch / Toes

4. Heel Always Sticks Out!

5. Other Toes Can Be Seen! / Smaller Toes Sort of Curl In

6. Done!



2. Think Wedges!

3. Space For Toes

4. Heel

5. Little Toe Goes Back / Bumps + Curves!

6. RMB Ankle Bone


3. This Part is The Achilles Tendon

4. Ankle Bone


2. Again, a wedge!

3. For The Toes!

4. Heel / Dips In / Bulge Out

5. Little Space Here

6. Slants This Way Most of The Time


Joint Here For Turning Foot

Woo It can Curve! Toes Usually Move/Stay Together As One!

Use Blocky Shapes To Guide / Soft

Can Curl too! Toes are for Balance

Give Your Feet Personality! / Not All Feet Are Born The Same 🙂

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