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Photoshop – Speedpaint – Demon Heart

Nadia Axel |

Cosplayer and digital artist from Denmark – with a special passion for armour and weapons. Her favourite character is Link from the series Legend of Zelda.

For once I drew something else than the characters from Euthia. Instead I grabbed a hold of some old characters I once featured in a comic Lilith & Cerberus (Demon Heart). I still have their whole story trapped in my mind and I still dream of the day when it is finally told on paper.

Software: Photoshop CC

Tools: Wacom Cintic 13HD

Paint time: 2h30min


If you are experiencing issues with playback, you can download the video here (~110MB).

You can check the final image in high-resolution here (900 x 1416, 970Kb).

If you looking for a perfect texture, we recommend visiting photo-reference-for-comic-artists site.

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