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Dragon Age – Mythal and the Dragons – Work Progress

Lukas “FrAgMenT” K.

Austrian artist, who started drawing because he loved to do nature studies and loved to draw while he was at school. Focused on Manga since 2010, both traditionally and digitally. “I always try to stress out my own imagination and see what I am able to do” he says.

Right when Christmas was around the corner I started to play Dragon Age Inquisition and that is also approximately the time it took me to finish that drawing. Inspired by the story of the game and the latest trailer of Game of Thrones I decided to draw something ‘dragonish’ and here it is. The Woman is supposed to be young Mythal in time when the elder elves were still the highest developed race..i don’t wanna spoil anything, play the game and think about where my ideas are coming from…if you even care ^_^
I hope you guys like it too, since I am pretty proud of it myself 🙂
Learned a lot and tried out many different things and brushes. The whole drawing process is done in SAI but I switched between PS and SAI to use the effects of PS, for example blur. At the end I always use PS for color corrections and watersign. I recommend using a real photo reference images for the drawing, you can find loads at site.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Step 7

Step 8

Final image

You can check the final image in high-resolution here (1600x800px 194kb).

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