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Free set of photo references for our members

Hi everyone!

we have a new set of reference images for you to download and enjoy! These were (again) donated by our friends at (which is really great source of human photo references for all artists around there). So here they come. Just make sure you are logged in, and download them now!

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Another free set of 40 royalty free, high resolution reference photos. Click here to download.. Have fun!


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Only registered and logged-in users may download this. Please login or register to get access to download link.


Do you like them? Leave your comments bellow and we may bring you some more soon!
Take care!


  1. du a /

    Thank you !

  2. ijefflee0127 /


  3. Mojtaba Vazif /


  4. dulaj mayuranga /


  5. 利 唐 /


  6. Alexandre Zielinski /

    Thank you !

  7. keyvan3dmax /


  8. robin guo /

    thanks for share,very helpful.

  9. marblehead /

    awesome thank you

  10. shawt20 /


  11. Amigo968 /

    Thanks a lot for the share

  12. james lamonte /

    thanks alot

  13. varun kumar /

    thanks 🙂

  14. leodeag /

    Nice references. Pretty goo!

  15. Steven Lee /

    thanks! perfect reference materials for my artwork!

  16. madhu cs /

    Thank you so much…

  17. dofu0815 /

    Thx thats`s amazin!!!!

  18. maria belen /

    thank u… would like a picture of some normal guy xp

  19. abcs /

    Nice gift, thanks!

  20. zhuang /

    Very good!Thanks!

  21. mike /


  22. tyler /

    Much appreciated!

  23. Thanks!

  24. L3dstill /

    Neat, thank you and also! This is fun stuff, good models with some clothes and skin refs. Great for facial ref to! Good even for projection painting or clone painting to a model, since they are so large and with good detail. I mean, full surround body pics are hard to find in high res.

  25. jeff /

    gracias, thanks alot very useful

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