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Deadpool – Work Progress

Lukas “FrAgMenT” K.

Austrian artist, who started drawing because he loved to do nature studies and loved to draw while he was at school. Focused on Manga since 2010, both traditionally and digitally. “I always try to stress out my own imagination and see what I am able to do” he says.

Some people often ask me if I could do a Work-progress explanation. Well it could be far more detailed but I don’t have so much time 🙂 I hope you can understand and like it though! I used Painttool Sai for drawing and Photoshop CS6 for editing.

Step 1
I used a real photo reference image as a background for my drawing, it’s downloaded from site.

Step 2
Draw an initial sketch over your photo reference.

Step 3
“Rough” sketch of the idea. Airbrush density 80; size 30%. Always add too many details in here…

Step 4
Lineart airbrush tool density 100; size 0%.

Step 5
Flat-colors. Each color is a separate layer, for example: red / black; accessories 1 / accessories 2.

Step 6
Adding Shadows and Highlights after deciding on the direction of the Light-source. Starting with the face…

Step 7
…continue with the body, for example muscles and its shape.

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