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“Angie – 3D Photorealism Portrait Tutorials & Digital Art Lessons – Part 5 ” by Ralph Manis

The Sky Lab and Rendering in Bryce 3D

You can visit to get free samples of great HDR skies for better rendering purposes.
The Sky Lab
The Multiple ways to Open the Skylab
The Multiple ways to Open the Skylab
1 Click “Sky & Fog” then single click the Single Click to Enter Sky Lab“Sky Lab” button (the cloud with a rainbow) or, double click the “Sun Control” dial or, (Ctrl+K) to enter the “Sky Lab”
Disabling Sun Light in the “Sky Lab”
Disabling Sun Light in the Sky Lab
Disabling Sun Light in the “Sky Lab”
Selected Icon1a. In the Sun & Moon Controls window click “Disable Sun Light” and a selected icon will appear Selected Icon. Click the finish check mark Finish Check Mark.
Options and Rendering
Control Render Options and Render button.
“Control Render Options” and Render button.
1. Checking your settings- When you are ready for the final rendering of your scene you should always double check your settings.
Arrow1a. Click the “Control Render Options” (bottom arrow on the lower left side of the scene window)
Check Mark1b. Check Check MarkAntiAutodesking Fine Art (Slow), Arrow, Check MarkSpatial Optimization (High), Arrow, Check MarkGamma Correction, Arrow, Check Mark48 Bit Dithering, and Arrow, Check MarkPerspective Render.
1c. Finally, Click the “Render” button and go have a yours self a nice long lunch!
2 Saving your rendered image-
Pointer/Cursor2a. Click File > Save Image As… In the pop up window chose a place for your file to be saved, name it, save in .psd or .tif format and click Save.
Pointer/Cursor2b. Close Bryce. When prompted to save, click Save.
(c) Infinitee Designs, Ralph Manis,

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