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Salsa dress


"Modeling A Salsa Dress in Hexagon for Poser" by John D. Johnson

Delete these faces.

Delete this face.

Then Target Weld (press the 'W' key) point "1" and point "2" to to the point highlighted in blue.
Note! To target weld a point or an edge, you press the 'W' key and then click the point or edge you wish to weld. Then move the cursor to the point or edge you want to weld it to and click it. A red line will follow the cursor when the tool is active.

Target weld this "floating point" (red arrow points to it) under her left arm to the point circled in red.

Now I'm going to make the straps that will cross at her right hip and join to the skirt.
Edge extrude the selected edge several times, following the curve of her lower back until you get to her right hip.

Rotate the edge as you go so that it lays like an actual cloth would.

Do the same with the bottom edge closest to her right side in the front. When they cross, be sure neither strap pokes through the other.

Select these two edges and bridge them with the bridge tool.

Here is an example of "poke-through" that needs to be fixed.

Same as I did with the armband, I'm going to edge extrude a waist band that will connect with the strap in the back.

When you near the middle of her back, start extruding edges from the other side until they are close enough to use the bridge tool to connect them.

The top of the skirt, connected in the back.

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