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Salsa dress


"Modeling A Salsa Dress in Hexagon for Poser" by John D. Johnson

Connect these two points using the Tessellate Tool (X key).

In animation programs like Poser™, a model will bend along an edge. If the Polygon has more than 4 edges, it is called an N-gon and will cause the poly to bend in weird ways causing noticeable "artifacts" in your model. Try to make your polygons into tri's or quad's whenever possible.

Ring select these edges. Press 'X' to make a new edge. Tweak any areas that now have "poke-through".

Under the left arm will be a semi-sleeve. It will look like a sash that connects the armpit area to a strap around the forearm.

Start doing edge extrudes (ctrl key) along the underside of the arm. I have done three so far at this point. You want to make at least 10. This area needs to have a lot of polys so it will bend like cloth (remember, they only bend along the edges so in this case, the more, the better). Use the little triangle on the gizmo I circled in blue to move in both the x and y axis.

To give the cloth simulator a fighting chance to get this right, go ahead and give the sleeve some shape.

This technique is called poly-modeling, btw.

Time to make the armband. Grab the last two edges that are under the forearm and edge extrude them around the thickest part of the forearm (follow the dotted red lines). Use the zy triangle on the gizmo to freely move the edges along the z and y axis.

Keep going around the forearm trying to stay as close to it as possible.

Grab the edges on the other side of the "sleeve" and edge extrude them up to meet the armband. When you get to one poly away from the other part (like shown), select all 4 edges (2 on each side) and use the bridge tool to connect them. The bridge tool is on the Vertex Modeling tab.

Note! The Bridge Tool is another handy tool to have in your keyboard shortcuts. You will use it a lot.

The completed armband. Now just tweak the points of it so it "fits the forearm snuggly with no "poke-through".


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