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Salsa dress


“Modeling A Salsa Dress in Hexagon for Poser” by John D. Johnson

Time to create some new polygons. This is called an Edge Extrude. With the edge-loop at the base of the neck selected (should encircle the neck), hold the Ctrl key and drag the green arrow (y-axis) up as shown.

Make sure the new edge-loop is selected and repeat to form another row of faces around the neck. Position the edges/points until it looks like this. Don’t worry about making it perfect yet. That will come later. Just get it close to a snug fit.

Switch to faces mode and select the face for the arm holes. Then press delete.

Select the new edge-loop and reposition it so that it is around the arm without any part of the mannequin poking through it. Make sure you move it in under the arm next to the side of the torso. Take some time to get this right.
You can use the universal scale on the gizmo (yellow box) to reduce/enlarge the size of it to fit around the upper-arm. The green box will scale it up and down while the blue box will scale it front and back. The red box will make it line up vertically.
Note! This is a good trick for making an edge-loop line up. Just select the scale tool that is perpendicular to it and shrink it down.

More tweaking. 🙂 Start moving the faces/edges/points around to eliminate any areas where the mannequin is “poking-through” the dress. This is very important! The red arrows point to the rotational hash marks for the y-axis. Each axis has a set. Use these to pivot the selection around the yellow box (origin) of the gizmo.

You should have something that looks like this at this point. Don’t worry if it isn’t exactly like it. You can make any modifications to your model you want. I’m only showing you the technique…
…and we still have a long way to go. 😉

Select these edges on the back and press ‘X’ to create a new edge.

We need to get rid of the blue line and make some new edges. The red arrow points to the line you just made in the previous step.
With the blue line selected, press the backspace key to remove it. This will leave you with a floating point. We are going to connect that point to the edge of the sleeve.

The arrow points to the floating point.
With no edges or faces selected, press the ‘X’ key. A small square will appear under the cursor. If you move the cursor over the floating point, the square will turn red. Click the point to start a new edge. Drag the edge over to the side of the arm hole shown here and when the edge turns blue, click again to make the new edge.

You should have something that looks like this.

Use the same method to make a new edge between the point circled in red and the one the arrows point to.

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