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Making of Varga

“Making of Varga ” by Paul Tosca
This is not a step by step tutorial.I will summarize the workflow i used for one of my characters with lots of images and some print-screens directly from the applications used ( maya/mudbox/photoshop etc …), also in the end i will provide some info about tangent space normal maps so you could think of this tutorial as mainly normal mapping related stuff. recommendation:

To maximise the realism of your 3D models we recommend using high quality human photo references from the #1 texture website

1.IntroThis character is my entry for Dominance War II competition ( ). The main theme of the competition was to design a game (low-poly) character and were some rules (limitations) about the specs we could use for geometry and textures( main character will not exceed 6000 triangles , 1000 more triangles for weapons/gear and we could use a pet also but the budget will come from main character; for textures we could use 1×2048 square for main character + pet, if any , and another 1×1024 square for weapons/detachable gear; diffuse, specular, normal,bump,opacity ,glow,reflection maps were allowed). This tutorial is intended for game (low poly) characters and assumes that you have a basic knowledge of normal mapping and its use; you can search on google if you need more info about this subject. I will start by showing you the final files sent to the competition to give you an idea about the direction this tutorial is going.

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