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Making of Ella

"Making of Ella" by Ziv Qual

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  1. Marcus /

    Good results but nothing was said about the initial steps. How to create meshes?

  2. Rajan R /

    Thanks a lot,Nice Tutorials,Very good site

  3. Lazarum Laz /


  4. akila /

    How can i render hairs quickly?
    I have only 3GB ram???

  5. hey how did you make the original textured hair go away during the render.

  6. great work 🙂

  7. sandeep shinde. /

    This is great Website tutorial, i love it!

  8. looks good but her head looks big

  9. gauravmehta88 /


  10. Hi, I think its 3DS Max

  11. Asad Kazmi /

    i want to know which software primarily you used for modeling , you mentioned zbrush but it does not seems to be completely modeled in zbrush. ? is it 3ds max ?

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