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Making a weaved pattern

Step 2- Convert your plane to an ‘Editable Poly’.

Step 3- Select all the vertices making up your vertical segments, selecting 1 column and skipping another, just like in the thumbnail.

Step 4- Drag these vertices to the front, depending on how much curve you want to give your shape.

Step 5- Choose one of the horizontal edges, and press ‘Loop’ and then ‘Ring’ from the right menu.

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    good tutorial thanx hey i wanted to learn vray basic from begin please help

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    Thank u so much for sharing. Very helpful!!!

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    tashakoor(Thank u):very good… can u post a tutorial about the final scene?

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    That was cool tutorial. Is it possible to make another one for how you added textures and lights to your scene??

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    good tutor….how about lighting and rendering this modeling?

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    Muy bien explicado.¿Podrias hacer algun tutorial con el Poser 8? para mi sería genial, sobre todo si fuera del rostro. Gracias

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