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iPod modeling tutorial

“Model The iPod nano” by Bracer Jack

To create the wheel, select inner area, insert, and extrude.NURBS users, you can use another boolean union if you want to or you can also extrude, choose.
P.S: Please note that for this particular view, I have exaggerated the gap between the wheeland it’s surrounding area for easy visibility, the actual gap is significantly smaller.Please take note of this when you are modeling.

To achieve Number 1, take the top polygons, insert polygons[another word you slice a smaller piece inside], intrude in then extrude out.For NURBS users, you can use boolean operationto boolean out a hole then place a slightly smaller version of the body frame inside.For both method makes sure the gap isn’t too wide.
Repeat the same thing for number 2.
Number 3 & 5 are simply a single boolean operation.
Number 4 is just a simple piece of rectangular geometry place inside to simulate interface board.

Now unwrap the UVs of your model so that you can texture them properly.
Due to the fact that this tutorial is software & technique[polygon/NURBS] independent,I will not dwell into texture mapping.
Suffices to say, once you’ve textured it, you’ll have immortalized the iPod of your very own creation.

Have Fun playing with it !

(c) Bracer Jack ,

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