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"Making-of-Furniturecluster" by Mathias Koehler
Those simulate the skylight. There is also a direct light, which is used as the sun.

Furthermore there are some IES lights, but they don't add much to the overall lighting and are just used for decorative purposes.I've played around quite some time, to find the settings i liked most.

I recommend to do a lot test renderings using only plain materials, low sample settings and a low resulution. The area lights are using a very bright blue(nearly white) color, while the direct light is using a yellowish/orange color. finalRender comes with a handy feature called 'Area Speculars'. So depending on the scale of your area lights, the speculars are going to change too(speculars are fake reflections). So you basicly don't need white planes if you are using area speculars, but sadly they are a bit slow to render. Anyway, both methods give nice results. If you are using white planes, position them where the area lights are.

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