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1st FX-Gears Products' Promotion Announcement


5:09 am
August 5, 2010


New Member

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Now, FXGear proudly promotes our well-known product of both worldly recognized clothing simulator Qualoth and hair simulator FXHair.  We are also inviting all artists and groups to share their wonderful and creative artworks at this same time. This FX-Gears Promotion will provide with total of $ 10,000 USD prize money and 36 Qualoth & FXHair original copies of Enterprise Node-lock licenses as awards.

This is the great opportunity to try our cutting-edge softwares freely for commercial purposes in your projects.  The promotion licenses will be valid until December, 2010.  Try to get this and make your dream come true with us!

We will continue to issue our 3 month use of evaluation licenses for Qualoth & FXHair which do not require users to submit their work.  Also, our new license type called ‘Annual license’ is now available for our customers' saving of expenses. With this, you can get 1 year legal license, upgrades and online technical supports. Besides, our Annual license can be upgraded to Permanent Enterprise version by an additional fee at anytime. We encourage all applicants to receive our special benefits from this promotion.

Please check out our website, for further information!

New website for corporation FXGear will be opening soon at

We appreciate for your interest and please give us your supports to make successful event!